Architecture in Schools Committee

The Architecture in Schools Committee seeks to educate elementary school-aged citizens about the virtues of our profession.

Chair: Cindy Black, AIA
Chair-Elect: Phyllis Henderson

Contact committee chair for meeting dates.


Architecture in Schools is an 8 week program (approx. 1 hour per week) designed to teach 3rd, 4th and 5th graders about the role of Architecture in their environment. The students are taught in a classroom environment with pre-designed lesson plans and hands-on activities to create a piece of architecture by the end of the program. Each grade level is specifically designed to cater to the learning abilities of its respective students starting at a small scale for the 3rd graders (homes) and moving up to community buildings (a school) for 4th graders, then finally a neighborhood for the 5th graders.

Volunteer Team = one Architect + one (or two) other interested volunteer (s)
Program Length of Time = 8 weeks (1 class per week; i.e. every Tuesday from 10:15am-10:55am)
Class Size = 20-25 students;
Class Presentation = 35-50minutes
Class Preparation = approx. 1 hour per week (to read Lesson Plans and organize/acquire materials)

Each classroom will have a volunteer team who will present the program once a week during the agreed upon time by that classrooms teacher. The team will need to arrive 5minutes before time to begin teaching so they can check in at the schools main office. Once in the classroom the team will take approx. 5 minutes to get everything ready (use this time to get the kids to start in discussions) and another 5 minutes for clean-up. There are generally two sections during each presentation: the discussion section, and then the activity section. The discussion session is taught using power point presentations – although Q+A with students is highly encouraged. The activity session will vary from presentation to presentation, but is outlined in the team’s handbook.

Once you have decided you are ready to commit and begin to influence the lives of the little ones, take these steps:
- Discuss the once a week commitment with your current employer
- E-mail the AiS Chair/Co-chair with your decision and 2 preferred areas of town you would like to teach in
- The AiS Chair/Co-Chair will then give you an assigned school and grade level
- The AiS Chair/Co-Chair will also give you an Orientation date to receive your materials and go over the program details for your specific grade (approx. 1.5-2 hours)

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