Food for Thought Course Submission

Allied Members are invited to submit a course for selection as part of our Food for Thought continuing education program. Courses must be one hour, and can be AIA accredited, or needing approval for AIA accreditation. Please review the AIA website for course requirements if your course needs approval. Please email Julia with any questions.
Submission deadline is May 31st.

Fifty words or less describing the content and purpose of the course. This text will be used to promote your course, if selected - please be succinct and keep architects in mind as your audience.
Four Learning Objectives are required for AIA CES courses. A Learning Objective is an outcome statement that defines specifically what knowledge, skills, attitudes learners should be able to exhibit following instructions. Three (3) elements to consider when writing Learning Objectives: 1. BEHAVIOR: Describes what participants will be able to do as a consequence of taking a course. (Example: Calculate) 2. CONDITION: Describes conditions under which the student will perform the behavior. (Example: using the sample course residential project...) 3. CRITERIA: Describes the criteria you will use to evaluate student performance. (Example: the total cost of materials) Combine the behavior, condition, and criteria and you have an official learning objective! EXAMPLE: Participants will be able to calculate the total cost of materials using the sample course residential project.
If No, and you are not a Registered Provider, AIA Austin can submit the course to AIA for approval, provided you have supplied the necessary course requirements above, and provided it is selected to be part of AIA Austin programming.
As an AIA CES Registered Provider, you agree to report attendance for AIA members who attend your course, if selected, to AIA national within 10 business days of the presentation, and provide attendees with certificates of completion. Failure to do so will inhibit you from presenting in future AIA Austin programming.