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Open House

Parent Firm: 
Nick Deaver Architect

This 1970’s ranch house had an unattractive entry and an awkward interior, with many small rooms and the kitchen situated in a distant corner. Small windows and narrow halls closed off natural light and access to the outdoors. Since none of the interior walls were load-bearing, we were able to relocate all of the interior partitions, creating an open plan with the kitchen in the center. Wider halls, exaggerated openings, up-lighting and skylights elevate the low ceilings of the former design. Large sliding glass doors, two large new decks, and a screened porch increase access to the outdoors and improve the views. Although the walls are white, a rich array of ebonized oak, walnut, mahogany, and African zebrawood supplies color, and glass walls provide abundant daylight. Modest exterior materials such as cement board siding are painted to blend into the landscape in concert with the brick gables, and a new widened entry provides a glimpse into the airy interior. This closed house was completely reinvented as an open house without changes to its basic shape or addition to the building’s footprint.

Builder: Risinger Homes

Photography by Casey Dunn