Kendra Scott City Centre

Kendra Scott Jewelry is a global multimillion-dollar fashion jewelry brand sold worldwide. Each Kendra Scott piece is meticulously designed from their Austin headquarters.   Upon expanding outside of central Texas, the brand identity was translated into the built environment.  

COLOR BAR by Kendra Scott™ is a unique service where clients choose from a variety of jewelry silhouettes and electronically select and place the stones to adorn their custom piece. The stores feature a programmable backlit wall to attract to this signature area while highlighting current trend colors against a popular jewelry shape.     

Kendra Scott encourages customer exploration with individually lit, open-faced linen lined drawers and custom acrylic pulls.  The brand signature medallion is used to clad the exterior and gold paint is used throughout as a reminder of the brass merchandise.  LED lighting provides the color rendition to emphasize the vibrant merchandise as well as promoting energy efficiency and sustainability.