Bouldin Residence

 A young couple in the music industry approached us without an image in mind or a site, but knew that they wanted a very special home that would embrace the many different things they like.  Our design presents their unique aesthetic in many guises, where board-formed concrete, rough reclaimed wood flooring, and vertical cedar siding is posed against abstract detailing and sunlight & shadow from every direction. 

Taking advantage of Austin’s 25’ front yard setback requirement we capture a private walled courtyard on the busy street to the south, and turns to face the side street to the east. Situated between this courtyard and a protected live oak tree, the Bouldin Residence is a compact, 2-story building that expanding both north and south into the lot.  Carefully orchestrated windows, skylights and a glass floor further open the house to the sky and sun, and provide a continued sense of openness to this 2300 sf home. 

Oriented for optimal cross ventilation, the West Mary House also is outfitted for a rainwater collection system, solar photovoltaic array, solar pool heating tubes, reflective TPO roofing, cellular foam insulation, tankless water heaters, etc.  Their desire for a sustainable lifestyle is also reflecting in their decision to live centrally and work from home, all within a modest sized footprint. 


 Paul Bardagjy Photography