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Who we are - Our founder, Brian Linder is a licensed architect and real estate broker who has built his real estate practice around the notion that architectural design adds significant value to real property, in terms of intangible lifestyle benefits, the premium paid for architectural properties, and the fact that architectural homes tend to be less sensitive to market fluctuations.

What we do - We're Realtors: we help our clients buy and sell real estate. Our specialty is architectural properties, which includes everything from early California adobe through the well-crafted designs of the 1920's and 30's, "mid-century Modern" to homes designed and built recently by Architects with a capital "A", the so-called New Blood designers of the current era. While our backgrounds lend themselves to our specialty, we?re a full-service firm committed to helping buyers and sellers find value at every level of spending. Our fundamental goal is to raise awareness of the value of good design, and to assist our clients in maximizing the benefit to be derived from a design-oriented lifestyle.

Listings - On our website, we feature properties our clients have currently listed for sale, along with unique properties listed by other Realtors. When we represent a distinctive property, we typically commission an architectural photographer to capture the work on film, and frequently utilize archival images by the masterful practitioners of the time, in addition to bringing our own expertise to bear in describing the essence of the spatial experience with the written word. We also use the site as a blog, a web-based journal where we record our observations of the real estate market, and capture other agents? listings that have caught our eye for their design merit. We also make our site available to brokers outside the local area, bringing exceptional properties to the attention of a wider design-oriented audience at no additional cost to their clients.

Gallery - The Gallery is devoted to the non-commercial aspect of what we do: promoting architects' work as art. In most cases, the work featured here is not for sale, but is representative of architects and designers we admire. Design professionals find this venue advantageous, as do our real estate clients. For designers, it's basically free advertising, and the opportunity to have their work viewed by literally thousands of visitors to our site. For us, the forum is a vehicle for helping our real estate clients select architects and designers for new projects. Frequently in the course of helping our clients buy and sell homes, we have occasion to recommend architects, contractors and subcontractors for projects ranging in size from the smallest remodel to substantial new construction. Pointing these clients to the Gallery gives us a place to start, and of course we also link directly to the designers' websites.

Affiliates - Together with our affiliates in Los Angeles, San Diego , San Francisco , Seattle and other cities, we're working to build an international network of like-minded Realtors who understand The Value Of Architecture, and who are committed advocates of good design in the built environment.

E-mail Newsletter - Periodically, usually not more than once a month, we send out e-mail announcements about architecturally interesting open houses, or notifications about design-related events in the community. We promise not to spam you with useless garbage. Our goal is to add Value by providing you with free architecture tours, and keeping you abreast of the latest trends in residential design. Click here if you?d like to be added to the list, or click on the ADD Me icon on the Home Page.

Thanks - With that, we'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this missive, and welcome you to our website. We will appreciate any comments, criticisms and suggestions you may have, and look forward to your involvement in our ongoing evolution. Thanks!

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