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Lars Stanley
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At Stanley Studio, a profound appreciation for the natural and cultural context of a project underlies our approach to the design process. In this appreciation, coupled with a fascination for physical and technical parameters, we find a basis for solving design problems. We believe in being listeners, avoiding the jump to quick conclusions in advance of assessing a Client’s true needs.  Goal-setting, planning, programming, and site evaluation are some of the early work to which we are firmly committed. We look at books, built examples, and the host of lessons to be learned from the natural and constructed world around us.  We are committed to sustainability and incorporate resource-efficient strategies throughout our practice. 

Our site - studio, shop, residence - located two miles east of the interstate divide in central east Austin, is a living, working demonstration of our interests, aims, and concerns. A two-acre, wooded property on the edge of expanding urban development and infill, it is a unique opportunity to explore what sustainable planning, design, and construction can mean.  Master planning for the property continues to go through iterations as our understanding of the site’s natural character, its best uses, and the wider context of the times, the city, and the region evolves.

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Civic and Cultural
Industrial and Infrastructure
Planning and Urban Design
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MLK Jr. Blvd and EM Franklin Ave
1901 EM Franklin Ave
78723 Austin , TX
Phone: 51.445.0444
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