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Sixthriver has had the good fortune to be “born and raised” in Austin, Texas. The firm is comprised of award-winning design specialists, a core team of true born and raised “Austinite” designers who know our city’s culture to its deepest extent and draw inspiration from its ethos of eclectic creativity. Our creative process is firmly rooted in the ideal that great design solves a basic problem in a handcrafted and elegant way where our clients can conduct business and affect their industry and community. We are committed to the future and the persistent pursuit of new thoughts and ideas and we hold steadfast to our vision and values to take us there.

Our focus is never on a “star” architect but an all-star team that brings our combined knowledge and expertise together to create a client’s vision. We are committed to designs that endure and to consistently improve upon our craft. Our devotion to the professional development of our staff is strong.

Sixthriver was founded in 1994 with the goal of developing into a small, world class design firm. Each Sixthriver Principal made the decision to be hands on and directly responsible to their clients and for the success of each project. With a diverse combination of Principals in place, we developed a flexible, responsive organization which combines advanced operational know how with elevated aesthetic sensibilities.

As a twenty-four year old architectural + interiors firm, Sixthriver provides comprehensive design services for a wide range of project types including mixed-use, multi-family, corporate headquarters, healthcare facilities, churches, advanced technology facilities, retail, student housing, commercial office buildings and interiors for clients in Austin, Texas and throughout the United States.

We strive to demonstrate that inventive and elegant design is achievable by respectfully listening and responding to the client’s needs and desires. We thoroughly understand the nature of materials and methods of construction, and carefully handle the process from conception to completion. 23 years in the Austin market is a testament to our ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with owners and developers. No stone is left unturned, no option too tedious to explore. Our task as architects is to solve the client’s functional and programmatic needs in a fashion that creates formal beauty. Great developer Architects are a combination of a creative artist and a detailed accountant. The combination of these areas of expertise is a critical requirement to accomplish a successful design vision. Great design solves the basic problem in an elegant way, inspiring the end user to perform and exist at a higher level.

Sixthriver is housed under one roof, in the heart of Austin, Texas. We get it all the time… “Why the name Sixthriver?” Flowing through the heart of Austin, the Colorado River is the most central of the twelve major rivers running southeast through Texas to the Gulf; it is the sixth river south of the Red, which runs along the Texas-Oklahoma border. Our original office in Austin was bordered by Colorado Street – an original north/south throughway of the city that was named after the river it stems from. At this location, inspiration struck and our firms name was born: Sixthriver .

The Colorado River offers beauty, sustainability and a consistent economic return to Austin and its residents. Steady and true, the river provides vitality and vibrancy to our community that still attracts people from across the country. While our initial relationship to the sixth river of Texas is locality, it is these attributes of the majestic resource that we aspire to emulate.

Please feel free to contact our office at 512.306.9928 or check out our website at

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