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Betty Trent, AIA, LEED AP
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Architecture Plus is a full service architecture firm with a wide variety of projects and range of services for both public and private clients.  Our in-house services include:

  • Architectural Design
  • Sustainability / LEED Consulting
  • Interior Design
  • Facility Planning/Needs Assessments
  • Cost Analysis and Estimating
  • Systems Furniture
  • Programming / Needs Assessments
  • Master Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • ADA Compliance and Reports
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Management
  • Facility Assessments
  • Specifications

FIRM HISTORY:  The firm was formed in 1987 by Betty Trent, AIA LEED AP as single proprietor and was later incorporated  in 1995, with an established reputation of quality control through close principal involvement and many repeat clients. 

FIRM QUALIFICATIONS:  Architecture + Plus is a full service Architecture firm providing a wide range of services with a variety of project experience.  The firm’s specialty is public work, with over 80% of its current workload for public clients.  Public clients include the City of Austin, Travis County, many Central Texas municipalities, school districts and other governmental entities at State, Federal and local levels.  Project types include both renovations and new construction of facilities for public administration, education, recreation and public safety.

PRINCIPAL INVOLVEMENT: Architecture + Plus is unique in that as a principal managed firm we provide principal level attention to all phases of every project.  Our principals either function as, or work closely with, the project manager, specifications writer, cost coordinator, and construction administrator.  All aspects of a project are communicated through one individual assuring continuity throughout the process enhanced by experience and technical ability.
FIRM PHILOSOPHY: As professionals, we place the needs of our clients above everything else.  We strive to manage our resources so that each project gets the attention it needs to be a success. Our mission is to be a professional, creative, and resourceful component on the project team in order to deliver the greatest value to our clients. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. This is accomplished through informed team leadership and effective project management.

VALUE MANAGEMENT:  Managing value is an essential service for any project, especially for public projects where responsible stewardship of public funds is of paramount concern.  Low initial cost is often not in the owner’s best interest for long term operating and maintenance, any more than high initial cost guarantees the best performance.  The Architecture + Plus firm principals have the experience and ability to find the proper balance of cost to benefit for best value to the client.  They also have the trained eye to see more cost effective ways of doing things without compromising quality.  Architecture + Plus will work closely with the City’s project manager to explore alternate systems for cost/benefit considerations.

QUALITY ASSURANCE/QUALITY CONTROL: Architecture + Plus maintains strict quality control prior to phased submissions or critical issue of documents.  The project manager has a documents completeness checklist for all critical architectural items, as well as coordination items between Architectural and other disciplines.  At critical submissions, such as issue for bid, a principal who is less familiar with the project is often assigned to review for completeness, clarity, and constructability.  This redundancy provides an extra measure of safety, and assures that the documents are coordinated and readily understandable.  Architecture Plus conducts a formal quality control review process for all significant projects prior to critical submissions.

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Civic and Cultural
Design / Build
Historic Preservation
Planning and Urban Design


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1907 N. Lamar Blvd. Suite 260
78705 Austin , TX
Phone: 512.478.0970
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