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ARBIB HUGHEY DESIGN was founded in 2010 by Ben Arbib and Ed Hughey, who met while graduate students at the University of Texas School of Architecture.  After years practicing in other offices, they opened their design studio with a commitment to create quality architecture and inspirational spaces through a rigorous and collaborative design process.  AHD works diligently on every project to provide a rich, honest, and carefully considered design solution.

AHD develops their design solutions through open exploration utilizing sketches, models, drawings, and renderings which convey ideas clearly to both client and builder.  The design process is never straight forward nor fully complete.  Experience has instilled the belief that design opportunities present themselves during any phase of the design or construction process, reacting to these moments allow for a more exciting and successful result.  And while AHD's ideas may be big, they pay careful attention to the specifics of each project: truly great architecture resides in meticulous details.

AHD enjoys building strong relationships with their clients and believe that the collaborative approach always results in a better project.  Each project begins by creating an open dialogue where free communication and listening are of the utmost importance.  AHD takes the time to learn about their client’s vision, needs, and goals for the project before putting pencil to paper.  

The site, and its environment, are also important catalysts for our designs.  We take great care in analyzing a site for its relationship with the earth, the sun, the wind, and sky.  A thoughtful approach to how a building and the site interact can dramatically improve a project and, therefore, a Client’s daily experiences.  We also believe that sustainable design is important for every project and that good, responsible sustainable practices should be implemented no matter the size or budget of a project.

Great architecture requires precise planning and integration of all phases of a project.  In order to provide our clients with a smooth, seamless process AHD offers a full range of services:

Residential and Commercial Architecture

Landscape and Hardscape Design

Interior Design + Interior Selections

Master planning, Feasibility Studies, and Site Evaluation

Permitting and Regulatory Consultation

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Residential Single-Family


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