Event Wellness Webinar - Stress Resilience and Self-Care

May 6, 2020 - 12:00pm

This event has already occurred.


Zoom webinar


Alyssa Linkletter and Dr. David Wilson will be discussing the psychology and neurophysiology of how stress affects us physically and mentally. They will also provide tangible tools to help you manage stress and increase well-being.

Allyssa Linkletter is a certified life coach with a focus on positive psychology and mindfulness. She gives people skills to help them turn inwards, realize their purpose, and transform their ideals into reality. Her work focuses on the integration of the body, mind, spirit, and creative imagination. Her ambition is to guide people in attending to all of these areas in order to gain a sense of wholeness and facilitate change.

David M. Wilson, P.h.D. is co-founder of Vibrant Consulting Services. He received his master’s and doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology from Sofia University (formerly the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology). He has extensive training and experience from leading institutions, such as Stanford University, Ohio State School of Allied Medicine, and nationally and state accredited hospitals, which utilize cutting-edge, evidenced-based treatments.

Vibrant Consulting Services:
Vibrant Consulting Services is a diverse and dynamic group that focuses on mental health, wellness, happiness, and self-care. Vibrant strives to create a culture that promotes growth, passion, connection and enthusiasm. They are responsive and imaginative in their mission of reinventing the preconceived notion of mental health and self-care.