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June 21, 2011 - 11:30am to 1:00pm

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Green Pastures Restaurant
811 W. Live Oak
78704 Austin , TX
Phone: 512.452.4332

On the Equivalence of Design and Evolution

The last few years have seen a heating up of the debate about the theory of evolution: it's teaching in schools, it's scientific status, it's moral consequences if true. "Intelligent Design" is the alternative.  Does "intelligent design" not sound suspiciously like what architects do?  Is God like an architect (who never leaves the job)? Freemasons thought so.  Assume evolution is correct however, which I sincerely believe it is, and one wonders: what can it tell us about what architects do when they design?  How is "intelligent design" possible within the framework of blind and chancy evolutionary processes? Often seen as the paragons of creativity in the professions, one would think that architects would have thrown themselves into the larger debate, or would have been consulted. But they have not. That's a pity.  It turns out that looked at the right way, and closely enough, in the architect's hands design and evolution are the same thing. This luncheon talk is aimed at showing you how that is true; true both because of, and in spite of, the use/misuse of computers. You may never design the same way again.

Michael Benedikt is ACSA Distinguished Professor of Architecture at The University of Texas at Austin, where he holds the Hal Box Chair in Urbanism and is Director of The Center for American Architecture and Design. His books include For an Architecture of Reality (1987), Deconstructing the Kimbell: An Essay on Architecture and Meaning (1991), Cyberspace: First Steps (1991), Value and Value 2 (1997, 1998) Shelter: The 2000 Raoul Wallenberg Lecture (2001), God Is the Good We Do (2007), and God, Creativity and Evolution: The Argument from Design(ers) (2008). He is also Executive Editor the book-series CENTER: Architecture and Design in America, of which there are fourteen volumes. He teaches design studio and theory regularly, practices occasionally, and lectures widely on design, evolution, ethics, economics, and the art and science of architectural phenomena.

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