Event COTE-Health and Wellness IAQ Seminar

March 23, 2023 - 5:30pm


Positive Energy
1114 S 1st St
78704 Austin , TX


CO2 and You - Uses, Health and The Great Debate

Architecture involves selecting and arranging materials to create client experiences. We use HPDs and EPDs to select materials often overlooking the fact that the indoor air itself is a material, one that has known impacts on our health and wellbeing. Air does not have an HPD or EPD but just like any material the more you know about it the better you can incorporate it skillfully into your architectural design work to create healthy spaces filled with healthy air for breathing. 

Join us at Positive Energy world HQ or via Zoom for this not-to-miss seminar on CO2, the actual gas that you exhale every few seconds and one that is present and needs to be dealt with in all our buildings. Some of the themes we'll explore in this seminar include: 

  1. The use of CO2 as a metric of IAQ and ventilation
  2. The impacts of CO2 on building occupants
  3. The measurement of CO2 concentrations
  4. The use of CO2 to evaluate and control outdoor air ventilation
  5. What does Bruce Willis have to do with CO2 and IAQ?
  6. The relationship of indoor CO2 to airborne infectious disease transmission.

1 LU/HSW. Registration required. Positive Energy's Address and the Zoom link will be included in the registration confirmation email. 

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Ben Marshall

Ben Marshall is a PhD candidate in the Building Energy and Environments group at The University of Texas at Austin's Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering (CAEE). Originally a beach bum from Pensacola Florida, he obtained his BS in Mechanical Engineering and a BArch in Architecture from Mississippi State University. Everyone asked him upon graduation if he would join the family architecture firm back in Pensacola, but he wasn't done learning. After getting some experience as an MEP engineer in training (EIT) and becoming a licensed architect, he and his wife,Tori, moved to Austin for graduate school in sustainable design. The Austin area grew on them and they met some friends in the engineering department at UT and at Positive Energy and they decided to stick around. They are currently living in Georgetown, Texas with their dog and two cats and a baby on the way.