June 1, 2022 - 12:00pm

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Commercial Window Systems: From Storefronts to Curtainwalls

with Matt Carlton of WJE

This month's meeting will be a hybrid format. You may choose to attend in person at the Austin Center for Architecture, or to tune in via Zoom meeting. Please indicate how you plan to attend when you use the registration link below. Please consider AIA Austin's Healthy Events Guidelines for attending in person.

The presentation covers the fundamental concepts of commercial window systems perform, particularly how they maintain air-tightness and manage water. It discusses the physics of how wind and water act on enclosure systems, the primary strategies for air and water-tightness, how typical storefront and curtain wall systems are intended to function, and the critical internal components that must be installed correctly for them to perform properly. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the physics of water movement with respect to building enclosures
  2. Learn now how different types of window and curtain wall systems are designed and intended to function.
  3. Identify primary components for different types of window systems
  4. Understand critical assembly and installation steps to maintain air and water-tightness in different window systems

1 LU (pending)

Matthew P. Carlton
Principal and Unit Manager

Mr. Carlton is a Unit Manager and Principal in WJE’s Austin, Texas office with 27 years of experience in assessment and repair design for a wide variety of structural and architectural materials and systems. Over his career, he has investigated hundreds of building envelope-related problems.  He has served as a consultant and the designer of record for building envelope repairs, complete re-cladding projects, and new building envelopes.  He has also performed peer reviews and building envelope commissioning on several projects.  Local exterior envelope projects have included the Hotel Van Zandt, Texas State Bar Building, the Texas Capitol Building and Phase I Capital Complex Expansion.  His work outside Texas has included the Safety Audit of the Big Dig in Boston, the expansion of the Savannah Federal Courthouse, and assessment of the United States Embassy in London, England. In addition to being a Professional Engineer in seven states, Mr. Carlton helped start the Austin Chapter of the Building Enclosure Council, is a past president of the Austin Chapter of the Structural Engineers Association of Texas, and serves on ASTM Committee C11. He also serves on WJE’s Board of Directors.

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