May 5, 2021 - 12:00pm

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image courtesy of EYP

It is not uncommon to find cultural or educational institutions faced with the challenge of housing valuable collections in legacy buildings that were not designed to maintain the environmental conditions that are critical for long-term collection conservation. This presentation will provide an overview of typical challenges, analytical tools that can be utilized by an integrated design team to identify optimal solutions, and case studies to illustrate how these challenges were met on significant buildings and collections.
Teresa Rainey, PE, LEED Fellow – Director of Engineering, EYP
Matthew Chalifoux, FAIA – Senior Historic Preservation Architect, EYP

  1. Participants will learn about how the design of building envelopes have changed and the challenges of working with existing buildings of different ages.
  2. Participants will explore the environmental requirements of collection conservation and how specific requirements can impact the design of building systems.
  3. Participants will learn about various analytical tools that can be utilized in understanding the performance characteristics of building envelopes and systems and how this knowledge can influence design.
  4. Through a series of case studies, the participants will learn how the unique requirements of buildings and program can be successfully addressed.


While we are still practicing social distancing due to the pandemic, all meetings will be virtual, conducted via Zoom. To receive reminders, please sign up for the BEC Committee mailings in the footer of our website.

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Building enclosures and related science:  energy-efficiency, moisture control, indoor air quality, longevity, and durability

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2021 BEC: Austin Committee
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