Your Liasons at Work

Cider-infused happy hour for Advocacy Survey respondents.  We want to hear more from you, live in person! Need to set date in January. (Richard Weiss/Michael Cowan) >   Leadership retreat- Need to set a date and agenda. (Richard) >   New from Al York- COA requested feedback on architectural job descriptions. This info is available in 2011 Compensation Survey. Response letter will be sent to executive committee. (Philip Southwick) >   New from Alan Holt- COA requested support for SDAT application from to AIA National. Recommended approval and sent to executive committee. More info needed on AIA involvement in steering committee. (Richard/Sally Fly) >   Planning Liason Bart Whatley- asks for AIA Committees (UDGA, COTE, DV, CRAN) to send representative to 14 November Imagine Austin Open House.  >   Residential Liason Stuart Sampley- (1) McMansion revision gaining inertia with staff toward stakeholder input process. (2) IRC 2012 - COA will have AIA involved. >   Commercial Liason Michael Hsu- (1) Subchapter E recommendations in final stages, to be prepped for executive committee and sent on to COA. (2) Dan McNab at COA to contact AIA re: IBC 2012 adoption process.  >   “these meetings are so intense” (Sally Fly)