Three Forum Opportunities

Our Forum series continues as we gather your input and leverage your expertise on these hot topics: 

Michael Hsu- June Commercial Design Standards Forum went well.  Meetings continue in smaller groups to assess the input that was submitted at the Forum and by email, looking toward creation of a document that can be given to the City of Austin at the beginning of the public input process in a few weeks.  Additional team members may be needed to untangle some of the comments/issues.

Stuart Sampley- Residential Design Standards Forum scheduled for July.  Michael Hsu, Matt Ryan and Michael Cowan volunteered for Advocacy intro, note taking, and moderating, respectively.

Sally Fly- Advocacy Survey results are in, telling us what issues are most critical to your practice.  Over 99 responses from AIA Austin members so far.  Staff will send chairs the contact info of respondents that asked for follow-up.  Richard Weiss will work on collating the info to be presented at our long-awaited Advocacy Forum at Green Pastures in September that will provide an overview of where the AIA is "shaping the designed environment" at the national and local level.  Sally is checking with AIA National to get their input/speaker plugged into the event.

Matt Ryan- Disclaimer created for advocacy home page, given that AIA is potentially "recommending" certain outside sites as reliable.