September Meeting Notes

AIA Design Voice
Meeting Notes

In Attendance:
Eva Schone
David  Conley
Catherine French
Paul Warfield
Eric Lam
Ellen Hunt

Follow up for AYW/CVB charrette:
Catherine has a template made and once everyone has a chance to look at it we’ll send it out to be used as a pdf background.
We have set a deadline of 10/10/11 for the teams to get their graphic work to us so we can make posters for the Clifford fundraiser event at AYW. 
We need to find out if there is a grant we can get for the printing or if AYW can underwrite that.
After the Antone’s party we will follow up with a press release.
Affordable housing database:
For our next meeting we’ll send out a link to the database and have everyone pick 4 or 5 projects that they’d like to add to the data base.  We can then spend the next month filling it in so it will be more current.
We’ll set up a meeting with the City to introduce ourselves and discuss the wiki.
St. Louise House follow-up:
Emily Levings contacted Eva about using her non-profit to provide funds for the construction of one of the St. Louise house designs.  Eva will pursue that idea with Karen Ranus and the SLH executive director.

We also discussed leadership for next year.  Ellen will cycle off if someone else come forward.
It’s been a year since we had our affordable housing round table, so 2012 will be a good time to organize another discussion.
Submitted by:
Ellen Hunt