Hays County Emergency Services District No. 6  -
Request for Qualifications Statement for Professional Architectural Services for the Design of a New Fire Station Facility

Hays County Emergency Services District #6 (“District”), a political subdivision of the state of Texas operating under Chapter 775, Texas Health and Safety Code, providing fire and rescue services to its citizens in Hays County, pursuant to Chapter 2254, Texas Government Code, the Professional Services Procurement Act, is submitting this Request for Qualifications (”RFQ”) to qualified respondents for architectural services related to design and construction of a new fire station facility (Station) on a newly acquired site within a master-planned community. The award of any contract pursuant to this RFQ shall be on the basis of demonstrated competence and qualifications to perform architectural and related services to the District through all phases of the design and construction of the Station pursuant to Section 2254.003, Texas Government Code, and other applicable law. The District will entertain various methods of construction delivery methods as may be recommended by the retained architect.   

Individuals or entities providing their qualifications shall have at a minimum, the following:

  1. Licensed for a minimum of 5 years in the state of Texas to provide architectural services to the public;
  2. Office facility located within the State of Texas;
  3. Demonstrated competence and qualifications in all phases of the design and construction of a fire station facility acceptable to the District, including construction supervision and related services and as a possible design-build representative for the District;
  4. Capability to perform the required services for the project, including full compliance with all restrictions, covenants, and other requirements and documents related to the mater-planned community;
  5. Experience on similar projects;
  6. Reputation, integrity, and competency of primary architect and firm;
  7. Qualifications and experience of an individual and/or firm.

Responses to the RFQ shall contain the following information, at a minimum:

  1. Eight complete, bound copies of the Response to the RFQ and one complete PDF copy provided on a flash drive.
  2. The Response shall not exceed 10 pages, single spaced.
  3. Resumes of all personnel to be assigned to this project (not included in the 10-page maximum).
  4. References for all personnel to be assigned to this project (including contact names, email addresses, and telephone numbers).
  5. A minimum of three examples of similar products.
  6. Any other information which may make the individual or entity responding to the RFQ particularly qualified to complete the project.

Qualifications of Respondents must be received no later than 5:00 p.m., July 6, 2018, addressed to the attention of:

Scott Collard, Fire Chief
Hays County Emergency Services District #6
400 Sportsplex Drive, Dripping Springs, Texas 78620
512-894-0704  scollard@northhaysfire.com
Email copies will not be accepted!  Questions related to the RFQ may be submitted in writing to Scott Collard, as noted above.   


City of Cedar Park - Master Developer for Bell Boulevard District

The City of Cedar Park, Texas (“City”) is seeking a qualified, visionary Master Developer to participate in the City’s efforts to develop underutilized and vacant property in the core of the City located adjacent to Bell Boulevard.  The City owns approximately 20 acres that straddle US 183 between Buttercup Creek Boulevard and Park Street.  This is called the “Catalyst Area”. The City also owns approximately 12 acres of parkland referred to as the “Buttercup Creek Natural Area” in several existing City documents.  It is the highest hope of the City that the development of the Catalyst Area led by the chosen Master Developer will spur redevelopment and high-quality development throughout the study area of the Bell Boulevard Redevelopment Master Plan and the broader Bell Boulevard corridor. View the RFQ at Master Developer for Bell Boulevard District.

The Bell Boulevard District is located on the primary north-south corridor for Cedar Park, and while the area was once a vital community hub, it has not experienced the same level of economic growth seen in other areas of the city. In 2014, during a city-wide comprehensive planning process, the community expressed strong interest in seeing this area revitalized.
Revitalization of the Bell Boulevard District is a top priority for Cedar Park. The project is backed by a master plan utilizing redevelopment experts from across the nation, thorough financial modeling and forecasting for the public and private sector, and significant public investment in the project thus far. As a well-supported redevelopment project in one of the fastest growing areas in Texas, the Bell Boulevard District is forecasted to have strong financial returns. The area will be a 40-acre mixed-use development featuring retail, restaurant, office and residential space as well as the 12-acre Buttercup Creek Natural Area. The core of the Bell Boulevard District will be a walkable area designed especially for pedestrian traffic. For information, visit the Bell Boulevard Development & Investment website.
Cedar Park understands the challenges associated with redevelopment and has made extensive progress to remove hurdles for the Bell Boulevard District project. The City has acquired a total of approximately 20 acres, done phase one environmental studies on that land and is eager to collaborate on standards that are amenable to both the city and the developer.


TXDOT - Architectural, Engineering and Surveying Consultants

TxDOT uses Qualification-Based Selection (QBS) to procure architectural, engineering and surveying services. Under QBS, TxDOT selects firms based on their qualifications. We do not ask for or make any selection based on cost. Cost is negotiated once a firm is selected. For more information, visit TxDOT Architectural Procurement.


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