Resiliency and Austin

Austin’s Committee on the Environment is following the AIAs Sustainability Opportunity Leadership Scan (SLOS) report that highlights four focus areas. This year the focus is Resiliency and we have a series of seminars for the year. Last month we kicked off with Emergency Preparedness presented by the Office of Homeland and Emergency Management We also discussed the Texas National Disaster Resilience Competition with potential Fed Funds for Travis County between $1M and $500M.

This coming Monday 9th March COTE will welcome Zak Baumer of the City’s Office of Sustainability, who sets the scene in presenting research for Central Texas’s predicted climate change and also explains the City’s  Resiliency Ordinance . The AIA SLOS has identified Resiliency as an opportunity for architectural leadership, because our profession is charged with providing vision and creating the built environment now, but is tested to serve future generations. Our commitment is to analyze problems and accept the responsibility of implementing safeguards through innovative design strategies. We dont do distaster response even though we may be blamed. The problems are actually here today and opting to ignore them is not a good short or long term approach.

To attend and get a 1hour CEU please RSVP here

Over the next months we will break down the issues facing Austn region and central Texas region addressing each individually. Next month it will be Flooding and Flash floods.