Potential 2011 Design Award Jurors

At the last Design Awards Committee Meeting on 10/13/10, the committee discussed potential jurors for the 2011 AIA Austin Design Awards.  They are sorted into the three categories below to help narrow down our selection while maintaining diversity.

UTSOA lecture options:

Nader Tehrani, MA / http://www.officeda.com

Michael Maltzan, CA / http://www.mmaltzan.com

Deborah Berke, NY / http://www.dberke.com

Local options outside Austin:

Peter Zweig, TX / http://pjza.com

Victor Trahan, LA / http://www.trahanarchitects.com

Flex options:

Bobby McAlpine, AL / http://www.mcalpinetankersley.com

Jim Strickland, GA / http://www.historicalconcepts.com

Joeb Moore, CT / http://joebmoore.com

Ann Fougeron, CA / http://www.fougeron.com

Please join us at our next Design Awards Committee Meeting:  noon on Nov. 2nd at the Center for Architecture.  You may also leave comments or other ideas below for who you'd like to see on the jury (remember they should be current AIA members).