Placemaking Case Studies

 What are some exciting place/destinations that provide connectivity to cultural infrastructure?  At our June monthly meeting, our members introduced case studies showing multidisciplinary collaborations (architects, artists, etc). 




Emily Layton presented Uplift Austin’s work at the Garza outdoor classroom and trail, and the South 1st entry into Williamson Creek green belt.




Matthew Ames presented 16th St Mall in Denver (I.M. Pei) and Austin’s Mueller solar sunflowers.




Roger Mueller briefed us on AIA Boston placemaking expert Christina Lanzl from Boston, and we reviewed her powerpoint regarding AIPP projects and typologies from many cities.  We discussed inviting her to Austin for a future educational event.




(not present)  John Cameron sent updates from Town Lake Trail Foundation (TTF) work along Lady Bird Lake.




Also thanks to Kit Johnson for an update on City of Austin coordination items.





AIPP's "Sustainability Symposium" featuring Alex Gilliam is Saturday, October 8th, concluding at 3:30PM .  The intent is that AIA/UDGA would NOT be working on the Symposium, but would request funding from DAA to have a companion event immediately after, using the same Alex Gilliam.  This narrows our role to maybe 3-6PM that evening, where we would be technical facilitators for some kind of community planning/visualizing activity regarding placemaking.  We only need grant funding for Alex Gilliam's efforts/supplies after 3:30 PM.  Alex will send us the costs and options next week.  We are working on securing permission to use a downtown site.  We should also use this opportunity as a teaser and/or trial run for the themes of our transit/placemaking Design Competition that would occur in 2012.