Past Workshop: House Stories 2018


The AIA Austin Architecture K-12 Committee hosted its first Family Workshop on Saturday, Sept. 15th, and it was a huge success! Eighteen children participated and built model houses inspired by the inhabitants of the Coral Triangle in Indonesia, who live in reed houses built on the water.

The workshop was led by HouseStories and took place at the AIA Austin Center for Architecture. HouseStories invites you to travel the world, building simple houses as you go! Simple houses - igloos, tipis, log cabins, yurts, houseboats, to name a few - are not only the best examples of universal construction concepts, they are also full of interesting stories. Building them lets you experiment hands-on with how geometry, materials, geography, climate and culture are interrelated.

In this HouseStories Junior Architect Studio, we traveled to South East Asia where people in the Coral Triangle live at the transition from land to sea. While contemplating what life is like having the world’s most diverse coral reefs as your playground and a boat for your transport, each participant had the opportunity to build their own house, and together the group completed a simple village.

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