Openings for Leaders

Where do we need leaders in our community?  What roles are we, as architects, called to fill?  What is special about our oath to promote public Health, Safety, and Welfare that calls us to be Citizen Architects?  Fresh on the heels of the Advocacy Happy Hour, we took time for some big questions at our monthly Advocacy meeting.  -Philip


120403 AIA Advocacy Meeting Notes by Bart Whatley:

Attendees: Sally, Richard, Jana, Philip, Bart

>>>    City of Austin Boards & Commissions: Currently 1 vacancy on Historic Landmark and 2 on Waterfront Overlay. Expect vacancies on Planning Commission. Identify members that will be good board members. Continue to build a relationship with city council members where AIA appointees are sought and valued. Boards/Commissions for AIA Austin to focus on: Historic Landmark, Planning Commission, Waterfront Overlay, Residential Design Compatibility, Parks, Mueller, Board of Adjustment, Zoning & Platting, Design.
>>>    Make time for "Speak Up Austin" in Advocacy Meetings where issues related to planning, commercial permitting, and residential permitting can be raised.
>>>    Discussed a need for formal organized leadership program that helps AIA Austin move from tracking issues to training our members to be advocates.  There are two grants available for this type of training. The City's Civic Training Program and the office of the City Clerk (ethics training, roles of Boards/Commissions) are good resources.