October Meeting Notes

In attendance: Eric Lam, Ellen Hunt, David Conley

*Update on the Casa Verde Builders Charrette:  American Youthworks will fund the printing of the posters of the designs that came from the charrette.  They will be displayed at the AYW fundraiser on November 10, 2011.  AYW is also planning an event for the charrette participants later in the year.

*Update on the Saint Louise House Charrette:  Eva may have found a non-profit to help fund the improvements in the courtyards.  We are meeting with SLH next week to discuss the project and costs to determine if we can fund some of the outstanding design solutions that came out of the charrette.

*The database needs a champion.  In the next month we'll send the link to everyone and request their participation in updating the info, which is now a year out of date.  We'll also discuss meeting with the city and how we want to share the database.

*Eric discussed the formation of Freedom by Design by UT AIAS, and DV will help any way possible.

*David was recently appointed to the CAN board. Congratulations!

Submitted by Ellen Hunt, AIA