November Design Voice Meeting Notes

Nov. 16, 2011   Meeting notes In attendance: Ellen Hunt Catherine French David Conley St. Louise House- Eva is following up with the board with a plan to move forward with implementing the charrette designs. We’ll ask her to present at our next meeting if there are any developments. AYW- the fundraiser was last week and the posters were made and displayed. We can see if they want to hold their appreciation event at the Center for Architecture or at AYW. Ellen will follow-up with Ed Wallace.   Goals for next year: Possible grant opportunity Issue and RFP for community project charrettes and let all the affordable housing partners give us suggestions and we’ll pick the ones we like Invite the affordable housing partners to update the wiki with their own project information. Ellen will draft an email to send out to them. Make DV more public. Catherine will write an article to send to the local papers and see if they will publish it or write something about DV. Continue to document the AYW/CVB charrette progress with photos, meetings, etc. 3x2 Summer program capstone speaker needs to be decided upon, possibly Kit Johnson. We will take a hiatus in December 2011.   Submitted by Ellen Hunt