March Meeting Notes

Design Voice Committee Meeting
March 16, 2011
In attendance:
Eva Schone
Catherine French
Ellen Hunt

Agenda Items:
1.  St. Louise House for Women and Children:
We decided to go ahead with a charrette for the design for the two courtyards at their apartment building. 
The client has requested ideas for playscapes, doorway covers and improved drainage. 
Eva proposed a 4 hour schedule that includes meeting the residents, design and presentations.
The two dates we are considering are April 16 or April 30.

2.  Design Voice 3x2 Internship Scheule:
Laura Chrisco from KIPP proposed a application for this summer's internship program, and other than the sequence of dates it all looked great.
Everyone will take an individual look at the application and send Laura their comments.

3.  American Youth Works:
Ellen and Jana have been working on a charrette with AYW/Casa Verde Builders on revisiting their house designs.  We met earlier in the week and have a task list to complete.
We'll include ACDDC and Chris Krager in the discussions.

4. Administrative items:
Ellen met with Elizabeth earlier in the week to get approval for the FB page, which was given, and a tutorial on the website.
Meeting notes submitted by Ellen Hunt.
Please let me know of any errors or omissions.