IH-35 Corridor Tunnels and Alternates

Our September topic included future transportation options along the IH-35 corridor.  Comparisons and alternatives included a sunken roadway section, a tunnel, and a boulevard.  Particularly of note was the discussion on rail—on the surface, within a tunnel, or along other corridors altogether. 

Although it is tempting to regarding IH-35 as purely a transit problem, there is an underlying racial tension regarding the east/west demographic divide along this same line.  We must be sensitive regarding changes to IH-35—tunnels or sunken roadway sections that minimize the perception of a physical barrier also change the character of communities.  Which changes allow for healing, which foster gentrification, which trigger rapid increase in tax values, and which provide habitable public space?

Regarding traffic, the suggestion of parking garages near tunnel exits and rail stops seems to be a viable means of encouraging multimodal transit.  The question of locating rail stations and tunnel exits at currently under-developed areas is also an interesting one, since transit improvements can certainly be a growth tool.

Our thanks to Gonzalo Camacho for his presentation; Freese and Nichols, Inc generously sponsored lunch.

Our next meeting has been moved to Friday, 29 October at 11:45 AM.