I (heart) Old Bakery

Today's enthusiastic start to our monthly Old Bakery lunch series generated some great comments, a new event on the calendar, and some specific next steps.


Next planning seession:  

old bakery park, 1000 Congress Ave, 24 Jan at 11:30 AM

We will have an Old Bakery Lunch this Tuesday to confirm the goals and participants for our next major event.


Next major event:

I (heart) Old Bakery!

Hope Farmers Market, the Old Bakery and Emporium, and La Boite imagine a Valentine's day fair in Old Bakery Park that includes building community through selling cards, flowers, and macaroons.  Through activating this pocket park for two hours, we can test one potential future role for our public space.  DAA and Austin Parks Foundation have offered to cross-promote this with AIA.  Promotional poster by Sarah Presson.  

to Alex- Please put on OBB website, send via email, and post a question such as "What would bring you to Old Bakery on Valentine's Day?"  

to Elizabeth H-  Please add 24 Jan event to Archifacts and Facebook. 

to Jana- I just talked to Amy and Victoria, and at your request I am pushing the meeting invite out ASAP so that we can get this on the calendar.  Please follow up with City Arborist Michael Embesi.

to Amy- Are you OK with posters or flags in the park in advance?  Please invite Senior Guild rep to come Tuesday.

to Victoria-  Thanks for the insight that lunch events work better for you.  We will keep imagining ideas until we really connect/build that audience.

to Sarah- Please continue pondering ideas for longer-term banners or advertisements or flags, and your idea about getting the Ideathon URL up physically and prominently at the park.  Also please keep thinking about the Games (scrabble, chess, bocce ball) and how they may start to show up.  (Could we paint a picnic table to include checker boards?)

to Melissa-  Are there upcoming downtown events that could be promoted from the park or include an activity in the park?  

to Eric/Sania-  I look forward to hearing more about how we get from this event to a future "It's My Park Day".    We could do anything from planting flowers to designing planters/stage.  Let us know how we can support you during the transition period at APF.

to Elizabeth G / Emily R- I look forward to hearing more about what vendors (flowers?) you might have for 14 Feb, and any other trial projects you want to consider (community garden?)  Do you incorporate music into any of your existing events at Hope?

to All:  You guys are awesome; see you next week.  Thanks!