How AIA Chapters Can Work Together to Engage Their Community

Design Voice - two words that separately are easy to define, and together create a community within the AIA of dedicated, creative, generous leaders who are interested in helping our communities with knowledge, support, pro-bono services and grass-roots advocacy.  

Why do we need an AIA committee to do those things?  The goal of the AIA is to engage, connect, innovate and lead. Being able to do that and support the needs of the community strengthens the ties within our cities; provides leadership opportunities for emerging professionals; brings design ideas to non-profits eager to have someone help them; and allows our committee members to know that the work they do directly benefits someone in need.

Design Voice helps local non-profits solve their design dilemmas, gives high school students a glimpse into the workings of a design office, and informs the design community about the necessity of affordable housing.  These are the issues that speak to us.  It's time for an AIA committee to be needed and relevant in our neighborhoods, DV is here to provide that opportunity.  What challenges will Design Voice accept in your city?  Please attend our session to find out more.

AIA Austin’s Design Voice will be presenting during the Texas Society of Architects Convention on November 8th in Ft. Worth. Click below for more information on the Texas Society of Architects convention:

- Ellen Hunt, AIA