Get in front of your Initiative

Evidence emerges that our members are getting in front of some major policy initiatives.  Agenda from our March Advocacy meeting:



1. Bedroom Super Duplexes / Stealth Dorms (Bart) – Bart requested date of task force kick-off from COA Planning Subcommittee. //

2. Advocacy Roundtables (Stuart) – Kickoff scheduled for noon April 22nd.  This will be a recurring monthly awareness / involvement event that will rotate among our three Liaisons. //


3. Residential Permitting "Certification" (Stuart) -- Recommendation issued to City to drop the uninsurable language; info available on AIA website. //

4. Subchapter E (M Hsu) -- Special event Wednesday March 27th 11:45 AM to celebrate ongoing collaboration of AIA and RECA with COA.  Special guests include George Adams.  //


5. AISD Business Practices (Ali/Mark) – Request received from guest Benny Hawkins, AIA to improve the architect/client relationship with this public entity and highlight some "best practices" that would make public work a more viable business model.   Suggestion made by Advocacy to invite a key AISD individual to AIA Design Center so we might learn their goals.   As of the March AIA Board Meeting, our President directed Advocacy to come up with some concrete ways to increase AIA awareness/participation in the AISD bond process.


Thank you for your service to our profession and our community.