DV3x2 Internship Program 2011

DV3x2 Internship Program 2011 - Firm Applications Due May 17  

This is the second year of the DV 3x2 Internship program. Both the students and firms enjoyed and were inspired by the program last year, so we brought it back!  DV 3x2 continues to be formed out of a partnership between AIA Design Voice and KIPP Austin, this program has been initiated to give juniors/seniors in high school, who have shown an interest in architecture, a glimpse of the daily life of an architecture office prior to delving into a university program.  Students from select high schools in Austin, including KIPP, will fill out an application and then will go through an evaluation and selection process.


By having each student intern 2 hours at 3 different design offices (6 hours total per student), the goal is to allow the students to experience various projects, stages of design, and the technology that makes it all happen within the daily life of an architecture firm by having). This could be a great opportunity for IDP hours for young professionals by inviting the students to shadow them during their daily tasks. Please try to plan ahead and give the student an opportunity to be challenged and inspired – the two hours will go by fast, but it will make a lasting impression for the students. 


This year one student will be given a $1000 scholarship from the Foundation for Architecture for exceptional participation in the DV 3x2 Internship Program. KIPP was given a grant for remaining committed to preparing students for college with programs like this that allow students to explore careers. Each firm will help evaluate the students during their visits – details to be discussed at the orientation on Friday, July 8th.


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Application Deadline

Tuesday, 5/17



1 firm participant is required to attend

Friday, 7/8 

6-7 pm

Center for Architecture (AIA office)


Internship Week 

Mon.- Fri.,  7/11 - 7/15 

Business hours


End of Summer Event

Friday 8/5

Time TBD

Location TBD


If you would like an application contact Catherine French at aiadv3x2@gmail.com. We are really excited and proud to have the design community involved in such a valuable program!