Destination Spaces

Why would someone want to go THERE?  What makes an amazing space?  At our monthly meeting, we began workshopping our first Educational Building Block toward a Art/Space Design Competition that would "Elevate the Profile and Quality of Design" in our community.

We have been meeting with local cultural leaders (schools, universities, museums, artists) to try and understand the state of the Cultural Master Plan, as a part our ongoing involvement with the Comprehensive Plan.  We wish to study the Cultural Plan "action" statements, such as   "Define Austin's sense of place through high standards for architecture and urban design, public art, public spaces and public parks, and arts education"  Then we can investigate what these cultural actions would look like if we can give it a physical presence at a real site.

Before we try and solicit designs, we first want to make sure we identify the opportunities.   We are assembling case studies that can be unveiled (October is both Design Month and Art Month...) in a joint event with Art in Public Places and/or other local cultural entities.  Ultimately, we wish to see "Public art as a catalyst of creating a sense of place and connecting neighborhoods with cultural infrastructure".


We need case studies showing multidisciplinary collaborations (architects, artists, etc), both in Austin and elsewhere, that create an exciting place/destination that (for bonus points) also provides connectivity to cultural infrastructure.

Emily will research Parks

Larry H will research Bus Shelters

Cameron will research Rail Stations and also Town Lake

Leslie/Betty will look into Austin Energy Substations and Dick Nichols Pool

Gonzalo will research Plazas

Matthew will research Retail/Shopping Centers

Please bring two examples next time.  I will send out a sample format.