CRAN Mission Statement

In reviewing our local CRAN mission statement, it might be a good idea to use that of CRAN National as a starting point.  The following is from the AIA Knowledge Community website:



Who is CRAN?

If you practice residential architecture for individual homeowners, whether you work on bathroom or kitchen remodeling projects, additions to existing residences, or ground-up new homes, you are doing “custom” work and are part of CRAN.

Inclusivity is of the greatest importance to the CRAN leadership and the future growth of CRAN. We are a group which recognizes and accepts all types of residential architecture design idioms and practice models for its members.

CRAN has been establishing regional and individual city chapters across the country within the AIA to grow its membership and provide a results-based platform to fulfill its mission of supporting, advocating and educating its members. CRAN has created a unique “Tool Kit” to help you develop a local AIA CRAN committee.


What does CRAN do?


SUPPORT:  It is our mission to support all architects whose practices focus on custom residential work. CRAN addresses the unique issues related to custom residential practice.  As a forum, we provide for an exchange of ideas, resources and more that affect the residential practitioner.

ADVOCATE: Through vehicles such as articles in national publications, position papers, and working closer with AIA, CEDIA, NARI and NAHB to develop new contract documents; CRAN is finding new avenues to advocate for the residential practitioner.

EDUCATE: Through programs and events, a website at, and its very own Wiki-site, CRAN strives to provide continuing educational opportunities for its members, the general public and our allied team members for all aspects of the residential architecture practice.