COTE Committee April Presentation: Floodplain Management through design

On Monday, April 13th,  AIA Austin COTE continues the Resiliency program with Watershed Protection Department presenting: Flash-floods and Floodplain Management through Design (1 hour CEU) This includes the rules of the National Flood Insurance Program and the higher standards adopted by the City of Austin to minimize or mitigate the risks posed by the threat of flash flooding. Also a discussion of how design choices impact flood insurance costs and long term resiliency

COTE’s March Meeting: Towards a Climate Resilient Austin - Zak Baumer, Climate Program Manager for the Office of Sustainability, presented the City of Austin’s Resiliency Resolution and findings of how climate change will affect Austin and Central Texas.
The presentation outlined the background on the implementation, and the relationship the ordinance has with the City of Austin’s Climate Protection Plan. Participants heard how the city plans to take proactive steps as a best managed city and become more resilient to climate change. The city must manage the risk of impacts to both new and existing capital investments. This may involve infrastructure design and material decisions that ensure adequate service despite climate change projections. It will also ensure high levels of service to residents and the ability to effectively protect human life during extreme weather events.
We will follow up with a copy of the slide presentation and below are links for further information:

AIA Climate Resilience Summary ppt