CodeNEXT Roundtable: SoundCheck

Our quarterly AIA CodeNEXT Roundtable provided a chance to celebrate the recent AIA urban planning tours and share community engagement opportunities.

Tyler Stowell, AIA recaped Urban Design Committee's cross-over event with the AIA Homes Tour.  Urban Design volunteers were on hand to provide questions and insights about how "Missing Middle" housing options improve affordability and community stability.  When different housing types and price points are provided in the same neighborhood, families can grow, adapt, and age within the community.  By including this content at AIA Austin's most public annual event, we provide a touchstone for the community to see architects as problem solvers in key issues affecting civic life. Photos here.

Design Voice and Imagine Austin assembled a tremendous gathering including the mayor and city council members for their "Walk the Talk" panel discussion and Missing Middle tour.  Beau Frail, Assoc. AIA shared how this series compares the work of local urban housing diversity pioneers to demographic and affordability trends.

Next Steps:  AIA Urban Design and AIA CodeNEXT encourage you to check out the City of Austin Soundcheck. City staff and the Opticos consultant will begin to calibrate sample portions of the Land Development code.  Volunteers please contact  Check out early insights all next week, with more events to follow next year as the draft portions are published.

Thank you for your service to your profession and our community.
-Philip Southwick, AIA
2015 Advocacy Commissioner