CodeNEXT Roundtable June 2014

Welcome to the new AIA Austin CodeNEXT roundtable.  We assemble as-needed to improve communication among our AIA Committees and our affiliated community groups and official City meetings.  Here are the highlights from June:

In this ongoing multi-year venture, there are a few key moments when AIA Austin should declare a position statement.  The City wanted our input on the new CodeNEXT Diagnosis and we answered the call.   AIA Austin members met June 2014 in groups large and small to discuss what we would like to amplify, redirect, or initiate as a recommended response to the Diagnosis.  Thanks to Eric Rauser, AIA and David Carroll, AIA for tracking down the back-up data.  Here is the letter from our president.  This provides a framework to guide our upcoming events and activities.

Thanks to Michael Hsu, AIA for serving on the Codetalk panel at Palmer Event Center. 

Thanks to Steve Oliver, AIA for continued service on Community Advisory Group.  These are public meetings and you can get engaged at times and locations shown on the City's blog

AIA Advocacy's Commercial Roundtable featured guest George Adams in their June topic  "Infill"...Check out the  meeting notes

AIA Austin Summer Conference continues the Infill and CodeNEXT discussion with two courses/workshops on Friday August 22nd.  Register here

Thanks for your service to our profession and our community.