CodeNEXT Comes to AIA Summer Conference

Register now for two interdisciplinary CodeNEXT sessions at the AIA Summer Conference:

Friday, August 22,  8-9AM
Exploring Compatibility

George Zapalac, our City of Austin staff contact for all things CodeNEXT, invites you to venture into compatibility regulations and the effects on recent projects. 

Friday, August 22,  2:-3:30 p.m.
Workshop: Implementing CodeNEXT

AIA, ASLA, and CNU co-presenters invite participants to develop design alternatives that embody Compact and Connected principles for real Austin sites– including providing ‘missing middle’ housing and green infrastructure solutions

Also we remain alert for Opticos to issue an' "Approaches Memo" in August/September showing three approaches to a new land development code.  This will provide a great opportunity to get our specific recommendations in front of City Council.

Thank you.