Candidate Forum, Design, Public Art

We had a packed room for presentations from our three subcommittees. 

Bart Whatley has expanded our City Council Candidate Forum to partner with CNU, DAA, and DANA.  Please join us Monday, 4 April, 5:30PM-7:30PM in Central Presbyterian Church on 200 E 8th street.  Eight City Council candidates are confirmed so far.  We will get to ask design and planning questions that will help inform both our City leadership and our voters.

Paul Detke has rounded up representatives from CNU, RECA, ASLA, and beyond to listen to ideas, problems, and opportunities regarding the Commercial Design Standards.  The City is on the brink of an update and a new public comment period.  This is an excellent test of our advocacy efforts as we work to define the problem and offer solutions in a manner that can be not only educational but also implementable.  As the meeting notes and analysis become available, I can post it here.

Gonzalo Camacho has organized a 17 May gathering of transportation and nonprofit leadership to talk about the relationship of public art and a healthy transit network.  We look forward to seeing how this may unfold into a symposium, competition, or other effort to build community connections through art.

We also were fortunate to have Betty Trent join us for an update on some residential permitting concerns and a follow-up meeting at the Design Center Monday 4 April 1PM.  She is also in touch with Stuart Sampley.

I want to commend our team for the ongoing work and to thank all of you for turning out and offering your insight and assistance in planning our ambitious calendar.  I also want to note that this level of outside partnerships is new to us and I want to thank you for pushing me beyond what I expected when I initially got involved in this committee.