AiS - Committee Meeting


Architecture in Schools Committee Meeting   Who: All interested committee members (and newbies) are welcomed to come join in the planning session.     What:  Planning meeting for the visit to UT    When:  Wed. October 15th    Time:  6-7:15pm   Where:  AIA office (12th and West)   Why:  Every three years, students in the Architecture in Schools program have a grand finale at the UT SoA where they display their awesome work, tour the school, and picnic on the UT grounds.  This year, we are planning this grand finale for Thursday Nov. 13th.  This meeting will focus on the planning efforts for this event.    We'll need a hand (or a few hands) to take on a few design tasks and to help us get the day-off planning off the ground.     We're looking to grow our committee, too, so we hope to see some new and old faces.  Hope you can join!  Send questions or comments our way ...   Thanks, John Cameron (  and Meredith Contello (