Advocacy: What Have you Done for Me Lately?

SUBSCRIBE to advocacy RSS updates using the links on the Advocacy page.   Last year’s Advocacy Survey helped us set priorities for the past six months, and we wanted to check back in with our membership to get some ideas about where we need to reach out, refocus, or improve. We were pleasantly surprised at the strong turnout and lively ideas.     


>>>>1. We need an ADVOCACY DAY where we send architects to City Hall to get face time with our City government.     


>>>>2. Coordinate, promote, and support members to JOIN BOARDS and City Commissions, or other local boards and organizations. Some boards are actively seeking new faces. Top 10 list?     


>>>>3. Increase TAC contributions and role of Texas Architects’ state-level advocacy.    


>>>>4. Connect AIA Historic Preservation Committee to any City efforts to develop or update HISTORIC district design standards.    


>>>>5. CROSS-PROMOTE events and resources with other groups, such as Homebuilders or Neighborhood groups, that are working on similar issues.    


>>>>Please feel free to leave comments below, or contact any member of the Advocacy Committee using the links on the Advocacy page. We are always working to improve communication among our members, our partner organizations, and the community.   Some items to watch out for: LEED training, Bastrop Affordable Housing Outreach, Downtown Plan Adoption, SDAT South Shore Planning events, and a Downtown Wayfinding lunch.