Advocacy 2011 Wrap

 City of Austin SDAT application, backed by this committee, approved for federal grant funding!  This will seek opportunities for the shoreline near the Statesman and the South 1st Bridge/


City of Austin Solar Decathalon 2013 application was backed by this committee a few days ago.  Thanks to Sally Fly, staff, and our members for reviewing and responding to this urgent matter in between meetings. /


City Architect Kit Johnson, AIA, serving in a position that AIA nudged the City to create, hosted a happy hour last night at Treehouse to allow city staff and AIA members to exchange ideas.  Upcoming Advocacy goals include improving consistency and predictability of review process and publishing City variances / interpretations so that they can be used to streamline future plan reviews.  Kit asked for an event where AIA members promote the benefits of LEED membership, related to changes in RFQ requirements for inclusion in City projects.  Clarification requested regarding City’s goals and policy relative to LEED membership. /


Next year will be code-intensive year, as the adoption process for IBC 2012 / IRC 2012/ IECC 2012 / and the new TAS move forward.  If you would like to help with code edits, recommendations, proofreading, or communication, please let us know.  Our Liaisons have contacted City to get specifics on the adoption process. /


Report from Commercial Liaison Michael Hsu, AIA:  We held a Commercial Design Standards Forum this summer, as part of an interdisciplinary working group headed Paul Detke, AIA.  Recommendations have been approved by the AIA Austin board and issued to the City, to be included in the imminent public review process.  Kit Johnson, AIA has been tapped by the City to facilitate. /


We held a Residential Design Standards Forum this summer, and Residential Liaison Stuart Sampley, AIA continues to work with the City to solidify dates for the revision process. /


Upcoming events—COTE/USGBC mixer 13 December at noon.  Committee leadership training scheduled for 14 January, 2012.  Survey respondent Advocacy happy hour tentatively scheduled for January (Richard Weiss, AIA and Michael Cowan, AIA).