AIA Austin and the Austin Foundation for Architecture have produced and hosted a number of exhibitions in recent years—including Design With Me (2016), a design collaboration between architects and children; Shape the Conversation (2017), organized by the AIA Austin Women in Architecture committee with AIA Houston; Fehr & Granger, Architects: Austin Modernists (2017), organized with the Austin History Center; SAY IT LOUD(ER) (2019), an exhibition elevating the work of minority architects, engineers, and designers of color organized by Pascale Sablan and presented in conjunction with SXSW; and PERSPECTIVAS, the AIA Austin Latinos in Architecture committee’s annual series showcasing the work and talent of Latino architectural professionals.
In an effort to continue to promote architecture and its broad artistic and cultural significance, AIA Austin and the Foundation will jointly coordinate an ongoing exhibition series, kicking off this winter!

3x5x7 Exhibition - Call for Entries
Submission deadline: November 27

This December, AIA Austin and the Austin Foundation for Architecture will present 3x5x7, an exhibition and event series that explores and celebrates the architectural model and the craft of model-making. The exhibition will showcase a selection of models by Austin architects and firms. In addition, we are asking the architecture and design community to create and contribute models that will be displayed as part of the exhibition, and that will be available for sale-by-donation throughout its run. Proceeds will benefit the grants and programs of Austin Foundation for Architecture, 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to promoting the positive impact of architecture for all Austinites.

Models must meet our submission parameters. The rest is up to you—your creativity and craftsmanship is encouraged! This is an opportunity to showcase the talents of Austin’s architects, designers, and makers for a good cause!

To participate, pick up your model figure and submission card from the Austin Center for Architecture at 801 W. 12th Street, open M–Th 8:30–6/F 8:30–Noon. Completed models must be delivered to the Center between November 20–27.

Models will be on display December 12–16, and available for sale-by-donation. Any unsold models will be returned to the Center and can be retrieved in January 2020.

Thank you for lending your time and talent to this effort!

Submission Parameters

  • Each model must be ¼” scale and contain at least one scale figure, to be provided by AIA Austin and to remain unaltered.
  • The model (including its base) cannot extend outside a 3” x 5” x 7” hypothetical envelope.
  • The model’s material must touch all six sides of this area, but does not have to complete the side.
  • Any non-perishable non-toxic material may be used.
  • The model will be displayed on a tabletop surface, but can have any orientation.
  • The model cannot have any loose parts that could fall off if moved. Flexible materials like fabric or string may be used as long as they meet the other parameters, and as long as the model is self-supporting.
  • The model cannot have any outward identifying marks of their maker (e.g., names, logos, product placement). All models will be displayed anonymously, with your submission card provided to the model’s buyer.
Image courtesy of Murray Legge Architecture LLC