Emerging Professionals Committee

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for discussion and growth for young architectural professionals as they work towards licensure, along with relevant resources for continued development after registration. To foster a strong network of multi-disciplinary members and non-members and promote the value of architecture through its impact in the community.

Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM
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2019 Committee Chair: Marsi Puente, Assoc. AIA
2019 Committe Chair-Elect: Danielle Smyth
AIA Austin Staff Liaison: Julia Brown


ARE Materials Wish List

Help our Emerging Professionals Committee create a resource library with new ARE materials! Buy one book or more than one, and let ingrid@aiaaustin.org know that you did and we will take it off the list. Each book you buy will have a sticker proclaiming your generosity! Thank you for contributing to this important cause, and helping our young professionals succeed.

11.   Access to current International Building Code (IBC)
12.    Fundamentals of Building Construction - Donated by Exclusive Windows & Doors of Austin - Thank you!
Click Here to view the ARE Study Materials available for check-out at AIA Austin.

Newly Licensed?

Recently approved by the AIA Austin Board of Directors - You will receive a reduced rate on your 2018 membership national dues invoice that you will receive this fall from AIA National. Architect members attaining their initial license will be included in a three year program that phases in your national Architect dues over a three year period.

1st calendar year after licensure–renew at Associate member rate + 1/3 the difference of Architect member rate
2nd calendar year after licensure–renew at Associate member rate + 2/3 the difference of Architect member rate
3rd calendar year after licensure–renew at Architect member rate
Your 2018 membership invoice will reflect the first calendar year after licensure. Learn more here!

Recently Graduated?

New graduate associate member - Graduates are offered complimentary AIA membership for up to 18 months. Eligible are individuals who graduated from an NAAB accredited program within the past 18 months or those working under the supervision of an architect. Learn more here

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