ARE Study Group

The ARE Study Group meets every Wednesday evening from 6:30pm – 8:00pm. All meetings will be at the Austin Center for Architecture in the Conference Room.

ARE 4.0 Study Group:

Feb 14 - Vignettes, specifically Roof Design
Feb 21- Steel and Concrete Review
Feb 28- Exterior Wall/ Cladding Systems
March 7- practice Exam BCSD
March 14- 21 Out for Spring Break
March 28- open for suggestions, hopefully I will have passed my BCSD and pass the baton

If you are interested in attending or leading a 4.0 group, please email Sara Costa at

ARE 5.0 PDD Study Group:

We suggest all attendees purchase the PDD study guides from  We are using this as our guide for moving through all test sections.  At the end of each section we will be taking practice exams and then scheduling our individual exams before moving on to the next section.

A helpful supplement has been the ARE5 Review Manual by David Kent Ballast, September 2016.

The study session is an open discussion forum, meaning that all participants are encouraged to participate in discussion as well as suggest alternate study methods and materials.  When possible, we invite practicing professionals to assist with concepts.  We invite new members to join in at any point in the process. 

Please share with others who may be interested.

For more details, contact Doug Keating at