AIA Austin directs ongoing advocacy efforts with the general community on the value of design and the work of architects. AIA Austin actively promotes and leverages the expertise of its members to influence and shape the designed environment, as well as policies and legislation affecting that environment. AIA Austin Board of Directors established the President’s Board Advocacy Committee in 2009 to focus specifically on efforts to best address both internal and external advocacy efforts. The President’s Board Advocacy Committee meets monthly to assist Chapter leadership, AIA committees, and our membership in coordinating consistent and systematic efforts to promote the expertise of our membership and identify audiences, venues, and mediums to communicate and advance the values of our organization. If a member has an issue they would like the AIA Austin Advocacy Commission to address, please see this diagram and contact AIA Austin.

2023 President - Christy Taylor, AIA
Commissioner - Bryan Jones, AIA

Commercial Liaisons - Chi Lee, AIA, Chair; Kirk Kaszynsk, AIA, Chair-Elect
Housing Advocacy - Blair McKay, AIA, Chair; David Carroll, Chair-Elect
Residential Liaisons - Oren Mitzner, AIA, Chair-Elect; Billy Del Monte, AIA, Chair-Elect
Urban Design Committee - Peter Dufrene, Chair; Zerek Kroll, Chair-Elect
Committee on The Environment - Josh Leger, AIA, Chair; Ekta Khuller, AIA, Chair-Elect
Executive Director - Ingrid Spencer

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Have an issue that you would like to have our Advocacy team address? View the structure of our advocacy efforts here. View the AIA's Citizen Architect Handbook here.

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Interested in how downtown Austin came out of recession in the early 90's? Check out this video created by AIA National about Austin's Regional Urban Design Assistance Team (R/UDAT)

Watch a video here created by our Advocacy Commission and KUT.


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