Senior Project Architect/Designer

Firm Name: 
Webber + Studio, Architects


Webber + Studio is seeking a Senior Project Architect or Designer (SPA/SPD) with between 6-10 years of experience in the industry. Strong preference for those with project management experience on multifamily projects. The SPA/SPD will perform high-level execution and management of custom residential and/or multifamily projects. You’ll need to be detail-oriented and able to follow methodical office processes as well as implement new appropriate processes to execute the design intent on projects for which we act as architect.


At Webber + Studio, our mission is to follow a consistent process to achieve unique outcomes. We use our core values and the programmatic needs, site constraints, and vision of our clients to redefine what architectural beauty can be. We attempt to fulfill our mission in several ways, including:

  • By instilling in our staff the importance of following a set of ten guiding principles geared towards achieving mastery of our profession from a technical, service, and management perspective (what we call our Ten Areas of Mastery).
  • By cultivating a team of results-oriented staff who are ambitious, curious, and have a get-it-done attitude.


Here are some examples of skills you’ll need to tap into daily:

  • Problem solving. From solving complex problems of all natures including architectural, technical, technological, motivational and administrative to capably communicating these problems and their solutions.
  • Technical proficiency. Able to facilitate big-picture concepts and details and able to communicate accurate, clear, concise instructions through sketches/CAD drawings. Experience in ArchiCad a plus.
  • Project management. You’ll be setting, communicating, and executing project schedules, tasks, expectations, and budgets and will need to be able to work both independently and as part of a tight-knit team in order to achieve these goals.
  • Team management. We’ll expect you to be highly capable of following and giving direction. You’ll provide leadership and work with your team to achieve project goals efficiently and effectively.

And here are the traits we think you need to excel at this job:

  • You must be organized and detail-oriented. At the heart of our firm’s mission is a simple belief: we follow a consistent process in order to achieve unique outcomes. Adherence to this consistent process will come easily to most experienced designers, but you’ll need to follow it closely to stay on top of many projects at once. There will be many to-dos on your list, but if you’re organized and focused on completing tasks holistically, you’ll be able to manage multiple, competing priorities.
  • You must want to understand architecture. Specifically, a strong passion for understanding and addressing how architecture is rapidly expanding and a desire to enhance your architectural comprehension is necessary to ensure success at our firm. Proficiency in the complex tools (e.g. ArchiCAD) we use daily is a plus, too.
  • You are eager to pursue leadership and growth opportunities. We encourage our staff to participate in events, serve on committees, and seek out opportunities to positively impact our community through architecture and will ensure that these efforts are supported within the firm.
  • You must be an effective communicator. Our work is predicated on being able to effectively convey ideas to clients and colleagues both verbally and visually. We expect team members to communicate frequently, clearly, and concisely to maintain project momentum. As a good team member, you’ll be responsible for creating a seamless experience for the studio by being supportive of your colleagues, providing clear direction, receiving feedback, being prepared, and being willing and able to offer help when needed. Fluency in Spanish a plus.
  • You must be able to get it done. We are laser-focused on attaining completion and have developed systemic processes to facilitate efficiency in spite of our “prototype” output. You should be equally determined to master all aspects of project delivery, from budgeting, to scheduling, to managing client expectations, in the interest of “getting it done.”



  • Time Commitment:  W+S is a results-only work environment. Success is measured in one’s ability to clearly define goals based on the nature of the position and perform high-quality work in line with these goals regardless of the total number of hours logged. Regular performance appraisals will measure quality of work, not quantity of hours spent. 37.5-45 hrs/wk billable is a minimum guideline.
  • Standard Office Hours:  8am-6pm, Monday-Friday
  • Licenses, Certification: Preference for Bachelor’s degree or academic certification in a professional degree in Architecture or 5+ years demonstrated excellence in a design role or related field.
  • Transportation Required: Reliable transportation may be required to perform various duties associated with this job. Mileage will be reimbursed in accordance with IRS standard mileage rates. Ride-share or alternative transportation may be reimbursed and requires supervisor approval in advance.
  • Physical Requirements: Periodic physical activities related to procuring materials and architectural samples, and to maintaining/organizing the office library and archive may be required. Employee should be able to perform these duties themselves or be able to make suitable arrangements for these duties to be performed.
  • Workspace: Due to the nature of this job, employee can expect to participate in off-site/job site meetings where varying conditions may exist.


Please send your resume and portfolio to