Project Architect/Designer

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Webber + Studio



Our AIA Level I job title is progressively Project Designer or Sr Project Designer and compensation within the pay range considers licensure, additional education, performance and tenure. Other factors include English/Spanish bilingualism, geographical location and/or degree of remoteness, and for international staff, US-based construction standards and permitting experience.


Five or more years of experience, licensed architect or unlicensed design staff who exercises independent judgment in evaluation, selection, and use of standard techniques, solves problems when encountered, and receives guidance on complex projects.

Competent in all conventional aspects of architecture. Performs work requiring independent judgment in evaluation, selection, and adaptation/modification of standard techniques, procedures, and criteria. Independently solves problems encountered. Receives technical guidance on unusual or complex issues and supervisory approval on proposed project plans.


Works independently on architectural design projects and often coordinates project design efforts. Develops planning and creative-design concepts for projects. Prepares presentation and design drawings and details. Requires substantial experience, 5-10 years in developing details and providing planning and design support in the preparation of design development.


  • Supervisory Leadership - Project Designer staff will supervise, delegate work to and train Staff Designers; typically one Senior Staff Designer and one Staff Designer.
  • Ascension - Project Designers report to Project Managers. Sr Project Designers are highly proficient within their pay grade and title and may be self-managing projects. Sr Project Designers can ascend to the Project Manager role when they can billed at that rate.
  • Workload - Minimum two assigned projects in phases Predesign through Construction Documentation plus projects that have phased into Bidding & Negotiation or Construction Contract Administration. Billable hours target is 37.5 hrs/wk with up to 7.5hrs for non-billable administrative work.
  • Licensure - Project Designers will generally be eligible for licensure or pursuing eligibility.


Webber + Studio is a studio firm offering primarily full service contracts and as such our designers are all expected to work on projects from start to finish and through all phases of architecture. Studio employment assumes you are invested in growing in your role and responsibilities over time. Our studio works on residential, commercial and multi-family projects, and typically a staff member will focus on one of these areas.

Please send your cover letter, resume and portfolio to Let us know some basic information such as what town/state you live in currently, when you may be available to move (if relevant), if there is a current job you would need to exit from and any other information to get a good understanding of your situation.


  • Standard Office Hours 8:30am - 6:30pm, Mon-Fri
  • Software Preferred Experience with ArchiCAD is strongly preferred; Apple iOS, Numbers and Pages; Google Gmail and Drive; Synology file system; Monograph project management.
  • Language English/Spanish Bilingual candidates will be given preference.
  • Credentials Required Bachelor’s degree in architecture.
  • US Construction Standards Required Candidate must have at least one year of US based construction standards design experience (US methods, measurement and permitting exposure).
  • Benefits: Annual bonuses are merit based.


  • Benefits PTO, Medical, Dental, Vision, IRA; We provide accruing holiday, vacation and sick time. We offer an insurance package where we cover a percentage of the premium. Optional IRA participation with matching benefits available.
  • Employees must be legally available to work in the US.
  • The Austin office is an open floor plan. We provide stand up desk options, a kitchen with refrigerator and countertop oven, and parking.
  • Transportation and Workspace Required Staff will need to be able to drive to client meetings and perform site visits. Mileage is reimbursed.
  • Physical Requirements Required Periodic physical activities related to procuring materials and architectural samples, and to maintaining/organizing the office library and archive may be required. Employee should be able to perform these duties themselves or be able to make suitable arrangements for these duties to be performed.


  • Remote Work Policy; Requires individual Remote Work Plan, see policy details.


  • Contractors are typically remote staff and need to follow the Remote Work Policy.
  • International contractors may have different target billable hours depending on country-specific contract agreements.