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McCray & Co.
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McCray & Co. is an Austin-based design studio specializing in interiors.  We’re passionate about designing living, breathing environments where every detail reflects a cohesive vision, a responsible approach, and a creative collaboration.

We're looking for someone who's experienced in the world of interior design and who speaks residential just as fluently as they speak hospitality. Someone who can talk with contractors, architects, vendors, and clients with the same ease. Someone who blows us away with the thoughtfulness of their design and their presentation of it. And someone who can run a project, no problem.

We're looking for someone who lives and breathes design. Someone who's stylish but not trendy. Someone who's got a packed Pinterest account and who introduces us to things. Someone who understands balance and who's a stickler for details, in so many ways.

And we're looking for someone who's good with team collaboration but can be left to their own devices. Someone who does things because they want to, not because they're told to. Someone who brings good vibes with them wherever they go.

Does this sound like you, or someone you know? Excellent. Send 5 examples of your best work and a cover letter letting us know about you to No phone calls. No files over 10MB.

(Psst: there are a few small details. You must know CAD forward and backward. You have to be able to render, period – preferably using a tool like Enscape along with Revit or Sketchup. And you have to be able to create swoon-worthy presentations. Being able to render by hand is a major bonus. And you don't have to be in Austin now – we're working remotely – but we sure would like it if you were in the future.)