Entry Level Position

Firm Name: 
Baldridge Architects

This is an invitation to join Baldridge Architects as an entry level employee. We are a full service, design focused architecture firm. The common threads of rigor, resolution and coordination in our built projects have resulted in a body of work that is well regarded, widely published and highly awarded, including Architectural Record Design Vanguard 2015 and AIA Austin Firm Achievement Award 2017.

Education + Skills required:

  • Bachelor or Masters in Architecture
  • Proficiency in Revit, AutoCAD, Adobe Suite
  • Preferred: Proficiency in Rhino, V-Ray
  • At least a prior internship in a structured office (1 year preferred)

What we’re looking for:
It is an exciting time for us with institutional, hospitality, commercial and residential commissions throughout the country. We are looking for someone interested in making the journey with us to the next level (and our ambitions are limitless).

We are looking for a someone who is equally comfortable with clients and our firm members alike. Someone who will research a problem and work on her own when necessary, but who knows when to ask for help. Someone who is fearless enough to contribute ideas but mature enough to accept it when those ideas don’t make it into a project. Someone who understands that inspired detailing won’t save a poor design but that poor detailing can ruin a good one.

Most importantly, we seek out members who believe architecture can achieve more than our profession has led people to believe is acceptable and who are prepared to work to deliver better. On our side of the deal, we will provide guidance and mentorship with the goal of empowering you to run a smaller project after a little more than a year at the firm.

Please Do: Send a resume and work samples to info@baldridge-architects.com
Please Do: Visit www.baldridge-architects.com to familiarize yourself with our work
Please Do Not: Call the office or pay us a visit without an invitation. Really. Don’t.